Sue Tomlinson



Summer barbeque 2011

It’s become something of a tradition with Acting on Impulse that we end each season with a summer celebration, usually a barbeque. 2011 didn’t disappoint, and despite it being September, the weather was glorious. We enjoyed the food, caught up with each other and watched the DVD of ‘The Invitation.’

As we relaxed together, there was time to reflect on the achievements of the past year. We were all delighted with ‘The Invitation,’ our first comedy film, and with the documentary on its making. Then there was the première to think about, with a paying audience of almost 400 people and 3 professional comedians strutting their stuff. A fantastic and memorable evening.

The film has since been sent off to various film festivals. We’re a bit different to other film makers. The process is every bit as important as the product. Our company of actors isn’t brought in by the director and writer just to make the film. They have helped devised the story from the beginning, and participation has taken each actor on their own journey of challenges and development. We hope that the end product will give the public a new understanding of what it is like to be homeless or marginalised. Just seeing what our actors achieve can help change public perceptions of this community. Our second trademark is that there is always a part for everyone who commits to the workshops, so the cast is unusually large for a short film.

We’ve been blessed by a stable core to our company. Others come and go, maybe because life is complicated or tough, maybe because they’ve done well and no longer need the support of the homeless community. Several have come back after long absences and are always made welcome. The autumn is a time for recruiting new folk and stimulating new ideas in preparation for the new season.

Mark and Toni Wade

Next term we’ll miss Mark and Toni Wade. They have been huge friends of Acting on Impulse and members of the Core Team. Toni had a part in our first film ‘Humanitas,’ and since then they’ve both acted in and helped to direct our productions. Toni has now qualified as a teacher and is working in Manchester, while Mark is a Youth Pastor at a church in Liverpool. Thank you both!