Represented by Lauren Tomlinson | Acting on Impulse

A Stretford lass, Clare was homeless for two years and is now settled. Admits that she was a ‘drama queen’ at school, and wants to continue acting, maybe as a film extra or on television.

Her first film credit was as vulnerable homeless woman Shelley in Humanitas followed by Jane in Under the Tracks. Gaining momentum, she performed as an imperious Titania/Hippolyta in Dream on the Streets,  bridezilla Clara in The Invitation and the formidable Cara in Deep Within. Clare’s desire is to be a voice for homeless people and she is a natural spokesperson for Acting on Impulse at our film premieres.

When you are out there on the streets, you can only ever dream about a camera being on you. Living on the streets was horrible, cold, wet and windy. ''
Film Roles
  • Shelley in Humanitas. Jane in Under the Tracks

  • Titania/Hippolyta in Dream on the Streets

  • Cara in Deep Within