Represented by Acting on Impulse

Manchester born and bred with some experience of homelessness. He is an urban poet with 23 publications of poems, plays and children’s stories. He reflected this in his role as Jedi in ‘Life After Street Life’. He is the founder of the new Abard Film Company which makes films about homelessness. He played the part of Buddy Love in ‘The Box’.

His next very moving role was as Ged in ‘Life’s a Lottery’. He has since had parts as the predator in ‘Press Call for Help’ and Ged in ‘Penalty’.

Film Roles
  • Jedi in 'Life after Street Life', Buddy Love in 'The Box'

  • Ged in 'Life's a Lottery' and 'Press Call for Help'

  • Ged in 'Penalty'