Represented by Lauren Tomlinson | Acting on Impulse

Raised in County Antrim, Martin came to England in 2005. Has been homeless on five occasions but is now settled.

Theatre credits include the narrator in a nativity play he wrote himself, Dr Q in Finding Elvis, and Prince Charming in Yellow Brick Road with MERC. His first film credit with Acting on Impulse was as Steve in Humanitas followed by Alamo Flyn in Under the Tracks. Martin gave his distinctive comic touch to an energetic portrayal of Puck in Dream on the Streets, and plays the ‘bad cop’ in Deep Within.

This is not about the actors or the director or the producer. It’s about speaking up for homeless people everywhere. ''
Film Roles
  • Steve in Humanitas. Alamo Flyn in Under the Tracks

  • Puck in Dream on the Streets

  • Detective Lomax in Deep Within