Represented by Lauren Pouchly | Acting on Impulse

Richard was born and bred in South Wales. He moved to Manchester in 2010. He was homeless on and off for 5 years, but is now settled. He made his acting debut with Acting on Impulse in  2012 as Luke in ‘Deep Within’. He created the character Gadgets Gaz which he has played in ‘Street Life’, ‘Life after Street Life’ and ‘The Box’. He has since played parts in ‘Life’s a Lottery’, ‘Press Call for Help’ and ‘Penalty’

Acting on Impulse is like a family to me. ''
Film Roles
  • Luke in 'Deep Within'

  • Gadgets Gaz in 'Street Life', 'Life after Street Life' and 'The Box'

  • Parts in 'Life's a Lottery', 'Press Call for Help' and 'Penalty'