Our Support Network

We could never have achieved any of this without the help of others. Friends, family, local organisations – people who through the kindness of their own hearts have helped us grow and achieve what we never thought possible. The following are just a few of many we would like to thank.

  • City Centre Ministries


    Twice a week, City Centre Ministries’ food vans go out to serve the homeless community of Manchester. Not only have they been instrumental in encouraging people to come to the workshops, but they have provided additional support at the rehearsals and films, creating a safe environment for vulnerable people.

  • Mustard Tree


    As a hub for the homeless community, Mustard Tree have encouraged people to attend the workshops and helped find authentic locations for filming. They have provided us with space and facilities for our workshops.

  • Altrincham Baptist Church


    They have offered mentors and advice to the team and been heavily involved in encouraging and fundraising. We were delighted when they adopted Acting on Impulse as an ‘Associate Ministry.

  • Cornerstone


    As the City's main day centre for vulnerable people in Manchester, Cornerstone has been key to the research, education and locations for filming several of our films and hosting acting workshops for their clients.

  • Hope


    Hope 08 was our original source of inspiration and the theme of bringing hope to our cities is kept burning in the vision of Acting on Impulse.

  • Finite Productions Ltd


    The production company that has taken Acting on Impulse to the next level and will continue to work with us in our film-based projects.

  • LOVE


    This award winning digital media company designed the website and are supporting the project as we look forward.

We are very grateful to the following funders of our work. Their support has helped us transform lives.


  • Souter Trust

  • Manchester Guardian Society Charitable Trust

  • The Co-Operative Group – North West Community Fund

  • The Community Foundation Manchester

  • Trusthouse Charitable Foundation

  • StreetSmart

  • Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales

  • Garfield Weston Foundation

  • Trust Greenbelt

  • Seedbed Trust

  • The Yapp Charitable Trust

  • The Pret Foundation

  • Sir Jules Thorn Trust

  • The Albert Hunt Trust

  • John Grant Davies Trust

  • The Camellia Trust

  • The Enid Slater Charitable Trust

  • Peter Kershaw Trust