Outreach Project Films

About Time

Close to the end of 2019, our Acting on Impulse outreach project team collaborated with Back on Track, Manchester. This time they dipped their toes in the stylistic world of the classic Western – Think Sergio Leone combined with Shane Meadows!! The creative process was very quick, but once again performances were brilliant throughout the film. In addition, the challenge of taking on a new theme was one the clients did with great energy and commitment, and with confidence and support from one another. Overall a very fun project – We hope you enjoy!

Love of the Undead

In early October 2019 the Acting on Impulse outreach project team were out and about again making a new short film. This time a dark and rather spooky number, featuring zombie clowns who were once the very best of friends. Collaborating with a new group of actors who are based at Acorn Recovery Projects in Stockport, Dan and Gav started down the creative path with them and the idea for the project developed over two sessions of idea sharing and storytelling. Integral to the process, the story elements are inspired by real life experiences that our actors have been through. These are expanded with new characters and themes, finally being shaped by selecting genres – yes! multiple genres! We try not to limit our process and product! Everyone involved was fantastic, both in terms of creative input and as you will see PERFORMANCE! A huge amount of professionalism and talent was demonstrated throughout. And what a result – to develop such an adventurous tale in such a short amount of time and with only 5 hours of filming. Well done guys!!

I Dream of Giving

A project by the clients of ‘Acorn Recovery (Stockport)’. In the summer of 2019 Acting on Impulse were back with their latest collaboration with the Acorn Recovery based in Stockport! Over three sessions, the team, worked with workshop director Daniel Bradford to brainstorm, improvise and structure the ideas that ended up forming this funny and moving film. Many if not most of the contributors had never actually acted before or even performed in front of a camera! It was a huge accomplishment for everyone involved. In usual AOI Outreach-project fashion all filming took place over 5 hours in Acorn Recovery using a skeleton crew of Director, Camera operator & Sound Operator. With the support of Acorn staff and volunteers, the filming went smoothly and was a hilarious process! Great to be back together with Acorn. It was a particular pleasure that the film was shown at the actors ‘graduation’ ceremony. Watch out for our next one with Acorn Recovery coming in the next couple months! Thanks to everyone involved!

Home Again

Changing Lives, Changing Futures! The Women’s Centre based in Greater Manchester does amazing work supporting women who have been forced into traumatic environments and those who face obstacles to safety and happiness. They work with both mothers and their children, providing a starting point of recovery for a variety of situations; working tirelessly towards creating a safe community network; rebuilding personal confidence and overall making changes that turn lives around for the better. This film is a small glimpse of the real and wonderful progress and success achieved when women come together, encouraging each other as they strive towards a life filled with hope. The performances and characters are based on real life experiences, translated into this short film. It was humbling to witness the process, all involved can be truly proud of what they have created. Well done to them all! And a special thanks to The Women’s Centre – keep doing what you are doing!

Spend Fear

In the cold winter of 2019, Acting on Impulse reconnected with the Back on Track service based in the Northern part of the Northern Quarter in Manchester City Centre. Over three sessions of collaboration and rehearsal, the team, bolstered by the fresh addition of Daniel Johnston, who directed and led the workshops, arrived at the idea for the film through theme and genre discussions and a set of fun engaging acting exercises. Many of the contributors had never acted before or even performed in front of a camera! It was a huge accomplishment for everyone involved. In usual AOI outreach project fashion, all filming took place over 5 hours in Back on Track using a skeleton crew of Director, Camera operator & Sound Operator. With the support of Back on Track staff, the filming went smoothly and was a hugely enjoyable process – I think you’ll agree, this film is one of our best yet.

Trade Out

This murder mystery was developed through outreach projects at 5 agencies. It was a combined project involving people from Acorn Recovery (Stockport), Turning Point, Back on Track, Just Life, and Oasis Academy (Oldham). It was very ambitious to create this integrated piece with groups who had no opportunity to meet until they saw the finished film at the premiere in Home Arts theatre and cinema complex in Manchester in the summer of 2018. The question is – who did it?

Oasis Gorton Mini Project

In November 2017 AOI was invited to make a film with the Oasis Centre Community in Gorton, Manchester. Bringing the Superhero theme to a close, the actors chose to focus on the spirit of community and family which is an integral part of the ethos at the Oasis Centre. Directed by Rachel Muter Filmed and Edited by Gavin Stewart Sound by Jack Dearsley.

Once Upon a Time in Oldham

In 2017 Acting on Impulse outreach project team once again collaborated with Acorn Recovery Oldham. Bringing together ideas and themes around “superheroes’ and how one act of kindness can cause a chain reaction of good. The film show cases the creative talent of the people at Acorn Recovery.

The Self Savers

Late in 2016, Acting on Impulse outreach projects collaborated with Turning Point Services in Central Manchester to produce this moving and albeit wacky film. Assisted by a professional production crew, the cast brought their own life experiences off paper, propelling their larger than life past into the digital world as a permanent reminder of how lives can be turned around at any given moment – often spurred and inspired to make a change by certain special individuals. Cape or no cape, in broad daylight and behind closed doors, there walk many unsung heroes in the midst of our society. Providing support and advice to those who are knocked off balance by life’s ups and downs. Turning Point aims to act as a life boat, bringing hope and purpose back into those hearts and souls that may have wandered too deep. A comical and light hearted film, leading with the superhero theme for this year’s projects – Enjoy!

Walk to Recovery

Filmed on location at Turning Point, this film explores some of the impact of alcohol addiction and talks of the positive impact of a walk to recovery.

Introducing Bridges

Filmed at Bridges – part of the New Charter Group. In September 2016 the Acting on Impulse outreach project team collaborated with the Bridges Group in Ashton. (Part of the New Charter Group). The sessions leading up to filming were focused around the sensitive subject of Domestic Violence. A subject that in the last decade has been brought to the public’s attention a little more, both through the media and across the spectrum of film and all the arts. It’s not something that will go away anytime soon and for those who are directly affected it shapes their lives dramatically. The film follows two Women, Emma and Elaine, and their personal stories. It gives you a look into the work that Bridges does and the support they provide. This is combined with the network of heroes that come together in an often scary and extremely sensitive point in life. The friends, family and support staff help to create an environment where making the hardest decisions easier. Please like and share.


Manchester has a prevalent population of homeless people. They spread themselves across the City centre; they are the unavoidable human flags posted at almost every street corner, not screaming for attention, or help or even food. They sign post inequality in the UK. Many of them are ignored and unseen by most who pass them by. But what do they see? Nothing or something? This was the chosen topic for the film created by clients at Back on Track based in Manchester. The script was created and developed by the actors themselves. They were guided and directed by the Acting on Impulse outreach project crew in Autumn 2016. Thank you to all involved in the making of this film.


This is a film put together with the Clients at Just Life in Openshaw. It was based on the season’s theme of ‘Manchester’.

Introducing Acorn Recovery (Oldham)

A group on an alcohol addiction recovery programme at Acorn Recovery talk honestly about their battles and victories over their addictions. We were moved by the frank way they talked of the affects and impact of their addictions. The AOI outreach team were honoured and moved to work with these brave people.

Introducing Liberty House

Filmed at Liberty House, Salford in 2015 this was an outreach project based on this season’s theme of Fairy tales. The project involved the young clients at Liberty House and had value – despite not all going to plan. . .

Fairytale in Openshaw

Filmed at Just Life in Openshaw in 2015, this outreach project was based on the season’e theme of Fairytales. The clients worked together to work out how to tell the story and express the message they wanted to convey. It is always a privilege to work with these wonderful people.

Wolf in our Midst

This was part of our 2015 outreach project collection based on Fairytales. ‘A wolf in our midst’ was created by the clients at Acorn Recovery, Oldham. It talks very honestly about their battles with alcohol and their joys of remaining ‘clean’.

Good Morning Tameside

Filmed at the Great Lives – a project of Threshold in 2015. This outreach project explores some of the issues their clients have faced through the idea of a TV magazine show. It has a light hearted touch while dealing with some very serious matters that are real to the actors.

Choose your Cards

Filmed at Salford Loaves and Fishes in 2015, this outreach project was based on the theme of Fairytales. ‘Choose your cards’ was created by the clients. They decided on the themes ‘choices’ as so many Fairytales contain a key character moment where they make an important choice…

Mirror, Mirror

Filmed at Acorn Recovery (Dukinfield) in 2015, this outreach project was based on the theme of Fairytales. Mirror Mirror was created by the clients and is a very raw look at the issues they’ve faced. This very effective and moving film was made all the more poignant when we heard that Gareth, who took part in the film, had died from the devastating effects his addictions had had on his body. The film is dedicated to his memory.

Homeless not Hopeless

Filmed at Salford Loaves and Fishes at the Windsor Centre in 2014, this outreach project was a very light hearted look at the very serious subject of homelessness. The humour and enthusiasm brought to the project by people who had very current experiences of homelessness was very moving.

Made in Openshaw

Filmed at Just Life Openshaw in 2014. Acting on Impulse works with various other organisations through film and acting in a bid to reach people who may struggle to attend our main workshops. Over the course of 3 sessions we developed characters, stories and then created a short film. This year each film in our outreach programme became part of our main project ‘LIFE AFTER STREET LIFE’. In Episode 3 you can see clips from each of them on the TV. This is your chance to watch what the clients of Just Life made in full.

Loop Holes

Filmed at Wickham House, Great Lives – a project by Threshold. Acting on Impulse worked with them by running one of their outreach projects at Wickham House. Over the course of 3 sessions the participants from the Great Lives programme develop characters, stories and create a short film. This year this film became part of our main project ‘LIFE AFTER STREET LIFE’ and you can see a clip from the film in Episode 3 on the TV. This is your chance to watch it in full.