Acting on Impulse

Set up in Manchester UK in 2007, our aim is to give homeless and marginalised people a voice through film and theatre.  It’s drama from the streets – as real as it gets.

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Update on our film for 2023: ‘Ope

Update on our film for 2023: ‘Ope

‘Ope is a quirky take on well-known fairy tales, underpinned with a genuine message – we all need hope. Our group – from a mean Cinderella, to her prince with a penchant for fine footwear, and a sensitive Wolf with Issues – discover that hope might be found in an...

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Filming 'Ope 2023

We had three exciting days filming ‘Ope in Bolton, Cranage and Manchester. Now it’s into post production. We are looking forward to our first sight of this ambitious film early in November.

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Autumn 2023 Workshops

Our next programme of workshops is due to begin on Sunday 29th October 2023 at Trinity Sports Centre, Cambridge Street, M15 6HP. Refreshments 2.45pm, workshop 3-5pm.

All newcomers welcome – please get in touch with us if you’ve not been before but are interested to know more.

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'Ope Film Premiere 2023

.We will be premiering our latest film, ‘Ope’ at HOME arts theatre and cinema complex on Saturday 18th November. The doors of cinema 2 will open at 10-40 and the programme will start at 11-00. Please come and support our wonderful actors and bring your friends. There is no charge for entry, but donations will be welcome.