Acting on Impulse

Set up in Manchester UK in 2007, our aim is to give homeless and marginalised people a voice through film and theatre.  It’s drama from the streets – as real as it gets.

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2024 is a very significant year for Acting on Impulse. We have 4 big items of news to share.

The workshops for our main project are well underway, with our actors throwing themselves into creating a dramatic episode of our very own soap. We hope to film in May.

But that’s not all. Instead of the 5-minute ‘Behind the Scenes Documentary’ that usually accompanies the film, this year we are doing an extended documentary, following our journey from the workshops to the big screen and focussing on a few of the actors. The cameras have already started rolling!

Third, we are creating our first animation, a story that will pull together our work over the past 17 years, using the arts to impact the lives of those who are part of the homeless and marginalised community.

And if this sounds like a swan song, it is. Acting on Impulse will cease its work as an independent charity at the end of this year (2024). We want to leave a legacy, not just to showcase the powerful work of our actors over the years, but to inspire and assist others to use the performing arts, in particular film, to help people find positivity in life.

It’s going to be a busy and an emotional year. Please join us on the ride by following our Facebook page or signing up for our newsletters.

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Update on our film for 2023: ‘Ope

Update on our film for 2023: ‘Ope

‘Ope is a quirky take on well-known fairy tales, underpinned with a genuine message – we all need hope. Our group – from a mean Cinderella, to her prince with a penchant for fine footwear, and a sensitive Wolf with Issues – discover that hope might be found in an...

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'Ope Film Launched

We premiered our latest film, ‘Ope, at HOME arts theatre and cinema complex on Saturday 18th November. The film has now been launched on our You Tube channel. It has already received over 1,200 views. You can watch  it by following the link:         Ope 2023 (

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2024 Main Project

Our workshop program has run from October 2023 to May 2024. We will be filming over the weekend 18th/19th/20th May. We have followed our tradition of working with a different genre each year. This year it will be an archetypal episode of a soap. Watch this space for details about the premiere which we hope will be in the first half of July.

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Outreach Projects

We are available for bookings of outreach projects. If you’re interested in having one at your agency, please get in touch.