Saturday 9th March saw 33 people taking their turn in front of the microphones at Blueprint Studios in Salford to record the lyrics for our music video. At the core were the actors from our company who have been working on the lyrics since October last year.

It’s been quite a process. During our Sunday afternoon workshops we’ve worked on snapshots of street life, distilled from our actors’ own experience. They’ve had singing lessons. They’ve devised lyrics, which were shaped by Lauren and Joe into the chorus and rap. Jamie Serafi, our composer, sent us his recording of the music and intensive coaching began, training the actors to deliver their own lines and to sing as a choir.

At the heart of Acting on Impulse is the desire to give our actors the opportunity to achieve something significant and worthwhile, with the help of industry professionals who treat them as colleagues. The day at Blueprint Studios was a huge experience for them, with vocal warm-ups, practices and finally individual sessions with Joe directing, headphones clamped on, and their very own voice filling the booth.

The food and drinks flowed unendingly – thank goodness for the use of Blueprint’s kitchen -and the sense of camaraderie was so great that people really did not want to leave when their slot was over. Every one of them left the studio on a high, looking forward to the next stage – preparation for filming.

We have three more sessions left to prepare for 20 snapshots of life on the streets that will be captured on camera for the video. Then a weekend of filming. Lots of hard work for Lauren and Joe, sorting locations and pulling a production team together. Finally, some time in June, it’ll all be put together and the video will be released at a public performance.

We need some good PR. Someone who knows how to promote the video so that it goes viral. Is anyone out there interested? Do you know anyone we can speak to? We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch through this website.