Did you know you can now support Acting on Impulse by recycling your ink jet printer cartridges? 

We have joined the Recycle 4 Charity scheme. They donate up to £2 per used cartridge directly to us. 

If you are local to Sale there is a collection box in the community area on the first floor of Emporium M33 on Tatton Road in Sale, so you don’t need to do anything other than drop then in there while you are shopping.  

If you’re not near Sale then you can still support us by sending in your cartridges. It’s very straightforward, check what your cartridges are worth on the Recycle 4 Charity website.  If you have cartridges worth at least £2 then you can download and print a freepost label. Then simply post your old cartridges off in an old jiffy bag.

Follow this link to recycle your ink jet cartridges and donate directly to Acting on Impulse https://www.recycle4charity.co.uk/register/C132844

Why not spread the word to your friends and family and send a batch of cartridges off together. If you have an idea where we could set up other collection points then do get in touch with Kate or order your on box on the Recycle4charity website.








How recycling ink jet cartridges works