Wishing everyone a Happy Easter from all at Acting on Impulse!

Pictured above are a few of the actors and assistant workshop leader Jazmine at the end of our last rehearsal before Easter. We were delighted to be able to bless them with a gift of an Easter egg each, kindly donated by Tesco Sale. 

The actors worked really hard learning their lines during this workshop.

Dan taught them a few techniques to help memorising lines, including doing something active whilst repeating short phrases you need to learn.

They enjoyed trying to balance sticks and throwing and catching, the actors said it really helps!

See below for a few photos.

2 people throwing and catchingobject

 Also apparently singing your lines also helps!

Have you had to learn anything like a speech or presentation? Do you have techniques that help you?

person balancing stick on hand

There is a 3 week break from workshops over Easter, so workshops restart on 24th April. At which point we’ll only have 3 more rehersals before filming! We’re really excited to be back to making a film this year after such a long break due to the pandemic. 

We don’t have a date for the premiere as yet, but will let you know as soon as we do!