‘Ope is a quirky take on well-known fairy tales, underpinned with a genuine message – we all need hope.

Our group – from a mean Cinderella, to her prince with a penchant for fine footwear, and a sensitive Wolf with Issues – discover that hope might be found in an unexpected place…

Justice is served, although whether or not they all lived happily ever after is debatable!

We’ve been busy in our workshops putting the final touches towards this year’s production and are excited to see it begin to come to fruition.

We’ve had masses of fun along the way, and although filming is a bit delayed this year, to allow time to book some fantastic locations, we can’t wait to show Manchester – and the world! –  what we have achieved.

It’s an exciting summer for the AOI family, with our director and writer Dan getting married in May (huge congratulations!), and our workshop leader Jazmine expecting a baby in July. They’ll just have time to catch their breath before filming, which is planned for September.

It’s always good to be reminded of how much the process means to our actors. In their words:

‘The filming weekend has been the best experience in my life for a very long time’

‘I love it. You can express yourself’

Watch this space – you won’t be disappointed!