On the final day of filming, ‘Street Life – the Mockumentary’, the Acting on Impulse cast were joined by two actors from the famous soap, Coronation Street. Brooke Vincent who plays Sophie Webster and Amy Kelly who plays Maddie Heath are both involved in a story line dealing with homelessness. It was appropriate, therefore, that they should join the cast of ‘Street Life’ as the soup van volunteer and as a member of the homeless community and a soup van user.

The appearance on set of Brooke and Amy came as a complete surprise to the cast of ‘Street Life’. Their cameo roles fit well into the unfolding drama of Acting on Impulse’s own soap opera. It was wonderful to see them fitting straight into their roles and participating so enthusiastically. It was a great pleasure to have these two professionals take part in the story and it was a great encouragement to all the actors to be working along side these Coronation Street stars.

There is now the long wait while editing and post production is completed. We hope to have the four episodes making up, ‘Street Life – the Mockumentary’ by early July. Watch this space for details of the premiere.