Since joining the team here at Acting on Impulse, I’ve been really impressed by the professionalism of the films that are produced – much more than simply a top quality end result, these films point to the hugely important work that AOI are doing. I’m discovering this for myself first-hand.

From the warmly welcoming acting workshops that display calm and friendly camaraderie with a fantastic sense of fun, and talents bursting at the seams, to the value and respect that I can see is poured in by the trustees and the team, the effects of being involved run deep. This is therapeutic escape that is building skills and enabling participants to move forward positively in their lives.

It is heart-warming to see the ethos of AOI, symbolised by its Red Heart Button, being passed on like a baton of hope – a bold and cheering symbol of care and respect that is so powerful in raising the human spirit to greater things.

I am proud and excited to be part of the work here, and look forward to all that is to come!