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Our recent film ‘Penalty’ is making its way round film festivals, and doing rather well, if you’ve read the previous blog. So until the film fest season is over, we can’t put it on our YouTube channel for all to enjoy. The good news is…..if you come to our biennial fundraiser on 9th March, you’ll […Read more]



…we now have 7 laurel wreaths to add to the film poster!

We have a new home!


Hope Studios in Manchester is closing, so we needed to find a new home by the end of January 2019. It’s been quite a search, but we’re absolutely thrilled with our new venue. From Sunday 20th January we’ll be holding our workshops in the Dance Studio at Trinity Sports Centre. It’s in the grounds of […Read more]

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PENALTY – the premiere


PENALTY Intrusive thoughts can be a nightmare but imagine if the thoughts weren’t your own… When Danny and Jada arrive at a hotel, it soon becomes clear that they are surrounded by people who want something from them. With dated décor and staff performing bizarre routines, checking out may seem like the best option. But […Read more]

On location


What you don’t see when you watch a film is the amazing army of industry professionals who create the magic for you, both during and post production. Many of them have worked with us before and feel like part of the Acting on Impulse family. They work for low charity rates, give up their weekend […Read more]

Whatever will we come up with next?


Every year our Artistic Director Lauren manages to come up with ideas for a completely different kind of project. This is put to the actors at our late summer BBQ and award ceremony. ‘How about a horror film?’ she asked innocently. The gang seemed quite keen. Season 11 opened at our new venue, Hope Studios, at the […Read more]

Times for gathering, happy and sad


Gathering 1, May 2017 It’s often a long wait between filming and premiere. After 3 intense days, the weeks after filming can feel like an anti-climax and we miss each other. So the first weekend after hearing the words ‘And it’s a wrap!’ our Workshop Director Rachel invited us all to her house for lunch. […Read more]

Press Call for Help – the Premiere


If you can’t wait to see the film, press here Or read on to the end of the page…. Finally we settle down in comfortable cinema seats at HOME to watch our film Press Call for Help along with James Statham’s Behind Scenes documentary. Months of acting workshops, 3 days of filming with a […Read more]

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Press Call for Help – all set to shoot!


This is a significant year for Acting on Impulse. It’s our tenth anniversary and our last series of Acting Workshops at Mustard Tree. They’re refurbishing and we thank them for their hospitality and wish them well after basing our workshops there for 7 happy years. We’ve been working hard at our fortnightly workshops since October, led by this year’s […Read more]