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The new season of workshops begin


  The actors arrived eagerly looking forward to a new season of workshops. There were a good number back from the last project and a number of newcomers – most of these had arrived after being involved in one of our series of mini-workshops that we have held at various agencies around Manchester. The plan […Read more]

Summer 2016 Barbecue and Award Presentation


A sunny Sunday in August saw the actors coming together for a barbecue. It was time to reminisce over the past year and all that was achieved through the 10 films making up ‘Life’s a Lottery’. Each actor received their certificate plus some individualised photo’s of their performances and of cause that very precious copy […Read more]

Premiere of LIFE’S A LOTTERY


We are delighted to invite you to the film premiere of Acting on Impulse’s 9th production, ‘Life’s a Lottery.’ It’s on Saturday 30th July at 11am, HOME cinema, Manchester. Tickets are free but you need to book via Eventbrite:  All details are on the event page. If you book multiple tickets and find you […Read more]

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One of our actors just couldn’t wait for the premiere of our latest film, Life’s a Lottery. July 30th is his birthday, and he was so looking forward to celebrating by seeing himself on the big screen at HOME cinema, Manchester, followed by a celebration lunch with cast and crew. For him, the best part […Read more]

Catching up with Season 9


Acting on Impulse Update June 2016 If you’ve been to Manchester’s sizzling city centre recently, have you come across the little encampments that are popping up all over the place? Have you ever wondered about the people living in those tiny tents? They say we are all just 2 paydays away from homelessness….. We began […Read more]